Stressed Out about Preparing Your Teen to Drive?

Like any parent, you want to keep your child safe. Before they get into the driver’s seat for the first time, you need to educate them about the responsibilities that go along with being a licensed driver. Moreover, you need to make sure they have the auto insurance coverage required by law. 

If your child has just started driving (or will be soon), you likely have the following questions on your mind:      

  • Are there special insurance requirements in Missouri for teen drivers?
  • What steps do I have to take to put a newly licensed teen on my policy?
  • When should I start the process of getting insurance for my teen?

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out the answers on your own. 

Get helpful information about teen driver safety and insurance with the FREE Ultimate Teen Driving Guide for Parents, brought to you by the team at Senn Insurance Agency.

Save time learning about your teen’s auto insurance needs.

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Make Sure Your Teen Is Safe behind the Wheel

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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to preparing a new driver. After all, it’s your responsibility not only to encourage good driving but also to ensure your teen has the proper insurance coverage. 

Trying to make sense of auto insurance on top of everything else can leave you feeling stressed when you should be excited and focused on helping your child become a responsible, independent driver.

At Senn Insurance Agency, we know that having a teenager who’s just learning to drive can be stressful. That’s why we put together this guide with the information you need to keep your child safe.

Discovering what you need to do to protect your child and your own assets doesn’t have to be a challenge. With our guide, you’ll get the answers to all your most pressing questions.   

Here's what to do...

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What You’ll Learn from This Guide

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By downloading The Ultimate Teen Driving Guide for Parents, you’ll learn...

  • What coverage your teen is required to have to drive in Missouri
  • How to add your teen to your existing auto policy
  • When you should start the process of insuring them
  • What benefits come with adding them to your policy
  • What discounts you may be eligible for
  • How to promote safe driving practices

...all of which will put you in a better position to get your teen ready to drive.

Get The Ultimate Teen Driving Guide for Parents today for helpful advice and insight on protecting your child—so you can watch them leave the driveway with confidence.